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Niebling – your one stop solution provider

In addition to high pressure forming machinery and equipment, Niebling also offers related tooling for the Film Insert Molding (FIM) process chain. Due to our own tool shop and decades of experience collected in hundreds of successfully completed projects we give our customers the confidence to to manage and kind for their challenging projects.

Your way to success – Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Starting with a feasibility study of your 3D data in first step, we offer the opportunity for prototyping in our technical center. With help of prototype forming, trimming and injection molding tools and use of exisiting high pressure thermoforming machines up to 1,200mm forming size (status Q1/2021) we keep investment low for your proof of concept. After your approval and choice of material, ink and other product related criteria we will deliver your turn-key machinery and tooling for your production site.

  • Feasibility study
    After signing mutual NDA and receiving 3D data and related project information, we do a quick check on feasibility, if parts are suitable to be produced by high pressure forming inside the FIM (Film Insert Molding) process.
  • Prototyping
    Due to own tool shop capabilities, we are able to perform prototypes in our application lab, equipped with knife plotter, forming, UV-curing, trimming, milling, injection molding equipment.
  • Proof of concept
    After assembly or electrification proof of concept is given to convince your customers with fully functional prototypes at hand.
  • Pre-series
    In case of need we can use our application equipment to go for small pre-series production to give you the chance to adjust your production lines and tooling adequately for start of serial production.
  • Serial production at customer site
    As all process steps of FIM have been proven in theory but also in praxis, you can look forward with no fear to your SOP after relocation of equipment and tooling to your production site.

Tooling for HPF / FIM

Precise forming can be only achieved by choosing the right machinery and tooling. Perfect 3D-shape, less distortion and high repeatability in regards of the positioning of symbols and patterns are key success criteria for our customers to beat their competition and to be always one step ahead.

Mother tools

  • project-related forming / sheet sizes
  • possibility of multiple films per cycle
  • flat guiding system for best repeatability
  • controllable heating for forming inserts

Forming tools

  • air exhaust slots to avoid air traps
  • calculated shrinkage factor for final 3D contour
  • pull and stretch areas for less distortion
  • optimum nesting in relation to following steps

Trimming tools

  • prototype 3D blade knife tools for trimming
  • vacuum jigs for CNC milling of 3D contour
  • serial trimming tools for mass production
  • possibility of manual or robot handling of films

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