By inventing the process of high pressure forming (also called the “Niebling process”), Niebling paved the way for numerous new possibilities for the design and decoration of plastic parts.

From the semi-automatic forming system for compact forming areas to the high-end fully automatic machines for XXL formats: thanks to their modular design and individual manufacture, our systems are aimed precisely at your requirements.

Forming, cutting and injection moulding tools: for maximum precision and process reliability we manufacture all the tools for our systems in our in-house tool making shop.

High pressure forming opens up fascinating perspectives in three-dimensional forming and the decoration of plastic surfaces. Discover here numerous application examples – e.g. in the automotive or consumer electronics sectors.

As a system provider we always consider the entire process. Make use of the know-how of our experts to further increase your production efficiency.

Niebling, the inventor of isostatic high pressure forming, supports users worldwide with bespoke solutions for systems engineering, tool making and the entire development and manufacturing process.