for the Film Insert Molding process

The main source for your FIM equipment

High Pressure Forming is the key technology for the Film Insert Molding (FIM) process. Besides forming related accessories there is additional equipment needed. We can provide you directly or via our partners with different kinds of equipment to achieve best in class FIM parts and a high production level at the same time.


High pressure air compressor set including filter, drying and cooling unit for up to 350 bar / 5,000 psi of clean air.


Silk screen printing equipment and drying technology for individual decoration of substrates to be formed.


Equipment for exact punching of positioning holes with help of CCD cameras in reference to printing.


UV curing equipment for treatment of dual cure hard-coated substrates for durable scratch and chemical resistance.


Trim press machinery and tooling to trim 3D formed parts precisely into shape for following injection molding process.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is dry and clean air needed for High Pressure Forming?

In case of any contamination of the high pressure air, you may get particles on the processed substrates and the electrically controlled high pressure valves will suffer at some time. The provided air needs to be free of water and oil in accordance with ISO 8573 class 2. Niebling provides high performance compressors which fulfill all norms adequately.

Why is screen printing equipment important for Film Insert Molding?

As FIM (Film Insert Molding) consists of many process steps overall tolerances are affected by all of them directly. Better tolerances in screen printing brings better tolerances for end products. Niebling can provide you with contacts of our world wide operating partners in this field.

Why UV curing is needed for some substrates after forming?

Hard-coated films are designed to be UV cured after 3D forming to provide maximum scratch and chemical resistance to fulfill automotive requirements. The right dose is important for best results. Niebling can name partners suiting the requirements of the film manufacturers specifications.

What is the difference between punching and trimming?

Punching is used for positioning holes (round or longholes) in reference to printing in 2D substrates as preparation to the forming process. Trimming is used for 3D formed geometries to fit exactly in the injection cavity. Different equipment and tooling is needed for these processes. Niebling has to offer a broad range of suitable equipment solutions including tools.


Equipment needed for the Film Insert Molding process chain – some highlights of our portfolio.

high pressure compressor

High pressure compressor

  • integrated filter, dryer and cooling unit
  • up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) operating pressure
  • up to 500 l/min (18 cfm) scope of delivery
  • long lifetime of filter cartridge due to dryer
  • equipped with noise protection housing
  • remote access from HMI of forming machine
  • available for all electrical power supplies

Screen printing system

  • 3/4-automatic, flatbed, shuttle table
  • self-adjusting squeegee unit
  • quick fixation system of screen frame
  • high output and repeatability
  • SPS control system with touch-screen display
  • wide range of accessories and options
  • possibility to upgrade with camera system

Eccentric presses NT 400 / NT 500

  • standard technology for trimming of 2D and 3D-formed plastic films or laminates
  • special hardware configuration for plastic film processing
  • accessibility from one side with optional safety features
  • different pressure forces and table sizes available

Servo-controlled trim press NST 100

  • intelligent measurement of pressure force to give warning of any irregularity
  • longer lifetime of tooling due to precise adjustments of stroke and high repeatability
  • good accessibility from 4 sides for possibility of robot loading/unloading
  • touch control with capability of RFID-I/O of tooling history and parameter settings

For requests on equipment configurations related to high pressure forming or film insert molding process, for Reseach & Development projects or for establishing production sites worldwide please contact us.