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Our story begins …

… back in the 90´s, when a passionate scuba diver decided to use his scuba diving bottle with 200 bar of pressure to do first forming trials of warmed films. Curt Niebling wanted to explore if lower temperature combined with higher pressure would lead to more precision? His experiment was a success and today´s high pressure forming technology was born.

„Development means activating resources that already exist.“

Christian Drexler

Christian Drexler, CEO at Niebling

With over 25 years of experience in high pressure forming technology, film insert molding processes and a profound background in tooling, Christian Drexler took over the position as Managing Director in 2012.

As an owner-operated business, Niebling can fully concentrate on its strengths which are leadership in technology and customers proximity. Thanks to a specified partner network customers can enter the world of FIM business without major friction.

Facts & Figures

  • Foundation: 1984 by Curt Niebling
  • 5,000 sqm HQ in Penzberg, near Munich (Germany)
  • 70% turnover with HPF machinery and equipment
  • 30% turnover with related tooling (own tool shop)
  • 90% automotive industry (mainly TIER 1 – 3)

Niebling brings not only decades of know-how but relies at the same time strongly on its own tool shop and technical center, fully equipped with the different machines & devices for almost all FIM process steps. That’s why the experts of High Pressure Forming see themselves not only as machine and tooling supplier, but also as an experienced partner that can pave the way into the FIM business smoothly and successfully.

Customers & Partners

Our board of references consists of clients and partners who focus on their value chain to deliver best in class FIM parts to their customers. Furthermore of companies who do research and prototype development in the area of FIM (Film Insert Molding) and IME (In-Mold Electronics).

Material & Ink Suppliers

Part of the FIM process chain is the selection of best suiting film materials and inks, that are provided by the leading global technology vendors with experience in automotive and electronics industries. Some of them are equipped with Niebling HPF technology in their lab Research&Development premises to give customers best insight of FIM process chain challenges on hand.

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