Injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) technology brings electronics into thin, durable 3D plastic surfaces. Using Makrofol® film and Makrolon® Ai resin, we helped our partner TactoTek® to create a fully functioning demonstrator overhead control panel that is strong, lightweight and sleek.

The concept steering wheel, developed by a Finnish automotive consortium, is named a Winner for Excellent Product Design – Human-Machine Interface

Das große Potenzial gedruckter Elektronik für Spritzgussbauteile
mit smarten Oberflächen

Wie Fischer mit in Spritzguss integrierter 3D-Elektronik Licht in die Interieur-Zukunft bringt

In-Mold Electronics (IME) is a process that combines printed electronics with 3D forming and molding to create 3D objects with embedded electronics. The electronics can include interconnects, sensors, rigid IC or LEDs, optical waveguides, and so on.