Master forms and forming inserts

The high-quality forming tools from Niebling, master forms and forming inserts, are tailored for usage in our systems. Thanks to a proven CAD/CAM system, all individual parts can also be quickly and exactly reproduced.

Master forms – mother tools

We have a comprehensive range of standard master forms (mother tools) with all common sizes and cavities from which you can select the appropriate size for your products. The general advantage: as the user you only need to change the form inserts. As a result you save costs and increase the efficiency of your production.

Stammform Formwerkzeug

Master form / Mother tool

If there is an occasion when our standard sizes do not suit your products, we would be pleased to manufacture specially for you a master form designed for optimal material usage and component geometry.

Crucial on the current generation of our master forms: the heating system heats the area of the forming inserts. In this way significantly more efficient distribution and usage of heat is achieved. This aspect contributes not least to higher production precision.

A further plus point: the innovative flat guiding (as an alternative to “column guiding” with point support by the guide elements) provides even better repeatability of the forming results – and as a consequence even more cost-efficient production.

Stammform Werkzeugbau

Master form

Stammform Werkzeugbau Formeinsatz

Master form with forming insert

Forming inserts

Our forming inserts are specially manufactured for the related applications. They are designed for high forming pressures of up to 300 bar. During this process they have optimal tool venting. By using high quality materials and processing them carefully it is possible to achieve very long tool service lives.