SAMK 650: semi-automatic 
high pressure forming up to 650 x 360 mm.

Our systems are thoroughly tested in our in-house technical centre, and during the process harmonised and run-in. In this way they are immediately ready for use on delivery.

Insertion station

Film pallet with film

Heating module

SAMK 650

Technical data 650 x 360 mm
Max. forming area 58 mm (Option 100)
Closing speed Can be programmed as required
Cycle time/indexing time Approx. 30 s
Forming pressure max. 130 bar
Low pressure compressed air (deforming aid) 6 – 10 bar
WRepeatability +/- 0,3 mm (depending on the material and component geometry)
Forming tool temperature up to 150° C
Film thickness 0,05 – < 12 mm
Closing speed Can be programmed as required
Cycle time/indexing time Approx. 30 s (depending on material and component geometry)
Rated power 35 kW
Rated current 50 A
VFuse protection 63 A
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz


Length 3.775 mm
Width 1.210 mm
Height 2.126 mm

Space Required

Length 7.775 mm
Width 3.210 mm
Weight 5.500 kg


SAMK 400 and SAMK 650 are operated ergonomically and efficiently by a single person. A 2-hand circuit and a light barrier ensure a high level of safety. Exact positioning between films and tool is achieved by an ingenious centring system.

With the aid of the optional handling module EEM, it also possible to have the films inserted and stacked automatically. You will find further information on this feature here.

Controlling and Monitoring

All production-related data can be quickly and straightforwardly entered or retrieved from the database using a modern touch-screen controller. The in-house programming of the control panel software provides a high level of flexibility and individual adaptability. An integrated modem permits the reliable remote maintenance of your system by our team.

To optimise the process and quality assurance, as an option the system can be equipped with an infrared camera. With the aid of the related thermal images, the temperature and the distribution of the heat can be checked prior to forming. In this way consistent quality of the forming result is ensured. You will find further information on this feature here.


In the heating station the film surfaces are specifically heated with the aid of individually regulated heating elements. Heating is from the top as well as from the underside. Here a non-contact heating system is crucial: as a result it is also possible to process coated, specially structured or transparent films delicately.

In addition, the temperature of the forming tool can be precisely controlled. This feature prevents, if necessary, excessively quick cooling of the film and is crucial for the exact moulding of the component geometry.


In the forming station the heated, but not molten, films are formed without contact using high pressure (SAMK 400: up to 300 bar, SAMK 650: up to 130 bar). In this way material compaction with high surface density and stability is achieved, the surface structure and appearance are also retained. The build up and relief of the pressure as well as the inflow speed during this process are individually regulated. Homogeneous pressure distribution produces extremely sharp-edge parts and also makes possible undercut film contours.

The SAMK models provide cycle times in the area of 30 s (depending on substrate material and thickness). Tools, products and formats can be quickly and straightforwardly changed.

Setting down

There is a choice of various options for setting down formed films depending on the process requirement: the films can either be removed manually or can be stacked automatically in special safety unloading devices (drawers or trays). Assembly line solutions are also possible and can also be integrated later if required.

Equipment and peripherals

Our basic systems can be adapted to your needs using additional components. You will find an overview of the possible equipment here.

As a system provider we also provide high pressure compressors perfectly matched to your system along with appropriate air Treatment.