The right peripherals

High quality results can only be achieved if every individual component meets the highest quality requirements. Profit from our decades of experience in the usage of compressed air also on the selection and integration of suitable compressed air components.

High pressure compressor

For operating a high pressure forming machine you need next to your low pressure ( 6-8 bar ~ 90-150 psi) line a high performance compressor (up to 350 bar ~ 5,000 psi) to fill up the high pressure bottles of the machine.

Niebling recommends and uses only high quality compressors from leading German manufacturers. They impress with high performance, first-class sound-proofing and their extreme reliability.

Hochdruck Kompressor Thermoverformungsanlage

High pressure compressor

Air treatment

If you like to take your own high pressure compressor we recommend to use a drying- and filter system. Residues in the compressed air – for instance oil and water – cause higher wear and degrade the process reliability and product quality.

The dryer and filter systems we use are perfectly matched to the compressed air technology in our systems and the related compressor systems.

Druckregeleinheit thermoverformungsanlagen

Installation of an air treatment unit