PAMK 400-42 I to IV:
Fully automatic high pressure forming up to 400 x 245 mm.

The PAMK 400-42 is available in 4 different variants. Along with the basic functions of feeding, heating, forming and setting down, further stations – for instance for punching (also with additional horizontal cut), for optical inspection or for removing and sorting-handling are available.

Film feeder

Film ejector

Heating module closed

Heating module open

Max. forming area 400 x 245 mm
Max. forming height 58 mm (Option 100)
Closing speed Can be programmed as required
Cycle time/indexing time Approx. 10 s (depending on material and component geometry)
Forming pressure max. 300 bar
Low pressure compressed air (deforming aid) 6 – 10 bar
Repeatability +/- 0,3 mm (depending on the material and component geometry)
Forming tool temperature up to 150° C
Film thickness 0.05 – < 12 mm
Closing speed Can be programmed as required
Rated power 35 kW
Rated current 50 A
Fuse protection 63 A
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz


Length 9.555 mm
Width 3.337 mm
Height 3.213 mm

Space required

Length 11.555 mm
Width 5.837 mm
Weight 10.500 kg

The following process steps form a typical example for this series. However, you can select the system that optimally matches your specific requirements from a number of different variants.

Automatic loading

PAMK 400 and PAMK 1000 are loaded using film magazines (rotary table magazine or sliding magazine). The supply of film can be topped up without interrupting the operating cycle. The films are placed fully automatically on the film pallets.

The supply of film in the magazine permits sustained operation without the continuous presence of the operator. Visual and acoustic signals indicated when the supply is running low.


All production-related data can be quickly and straightforwardly entered or retrieved from the database using an ergonomic touch-screen controller. The in-house programming of the control panel software provides a high level of flexibility and individual adaptability. An integrated modem permits the reliable remote maintenance of your system by our team.

To optimise the process and quality assurance, as an option the system can be equipped with an infrared camera. With the aid of the related thermal images, the temperature and the distribution of the heat can be checked prior to forming. In this way consistent quality of the forming result is ensured.


The fully automatic systems are each equipped with 3 heating stations. The first two stations are used to preheat the films. In the main heating station the film surfaces are specifically heated with the aid of independently regulated heating elements. During this process heating is from the top as well as from the underside. The non-contact heating process is crucial here: as a result it is also possible to process coated, specially structured or transparent films delicately.

In addition it is also possible to heat the forming tool. This feature prevents, if necessary, excessively quick cooling of the film and is crucial for the precise moulding of the component geometry.


In the forming station the heated films are formed without contact using high pressure (PAMK 400: up to 300 bar, PAMK 1000: up to 150 bar). In this way material compaction with high surface density and stability is achieved, the surface structure and appearance are also retained.

The build up and relief of the pressure as well as the inflow speed during this process areindividually regulated. Homogeneous pressure distribution produces extremely sharp-edge parts and also makes possible undercut film contours.

PAMK series systems permit cycle times between 10 and 15 seconds. Tools, products and formats can be quickly and straightforwardly changed.


The product is cut out of the formed film in the punching station. Due to the innovative dual vertical cutting tools, even difficult cutting contours can be realised. In the first step break-outs or parts of the outer contour are cut. The second step undertakes the rest of the cuts and at the same time releases the formed film part from the carrier.

The finished parts are automatically removed from the punching station with the aid of a suction gripper. Optionally it is also possible to integrate a further punching module with a horizontal cut.

Setting down

Depending on the requirement, the finished components can be set down in transport boxes or on conveyor belts to suit the specific customer. A sorting function is also possible. The film residue left over after punching is removed from the pallet using an ejector.

Equipment and peripherals

You can select the system that best matches your product portfolio from a number of different variants. You will find an overview of the possible equipment here.

As a system provider we also provide high pressure compressors perfectly matched to your system along with appropriate air Treatment.