Modular set-up
depending on your needs

Depending on your requirements and needs, Niebling high pressure forming systems can be expanded or varied with a whole series of useful additional modules. Each of these applications is perfectly integrated into the overall system by our engineers.

With our equipment you can exploit the possibilities of isostatic high pressure forming to the maximum, design processes that are even more efficient and further optimise your quality assurance.

Insertion and removal module EEM

The insertion and removal module EEM expands the semi-automatic SAMK 400 into a fully automatic system. The system can process a pre-defined stack of film without the need for the operator to be present. The components are removed and placed in stacking boxes (trays) as required. It is also possible to set down the formed films on conveyor belts.

Einleger Hochdruck Thermoverformungsanlage

Insertion module

Einleger Hochdruck Thermoverformungsanlage

Removal module


The ioniser removes electrostatic charges and in this way prevents the attraction of particles of dust. An air flow then cleans the films of soiling that may have been attracted by the charging. It is also possible to retrofit this unit; it is integrated within the existing envelope.

Einleger Hochdruck Thermoverformungsanlage

Ioniser module

Infrared camera

The infrared camera is positioned between the heating station and forming station. Within milliseconds it scans the heated films and transmits an exact thermal image to the control unit. This thermal image is available to the operator on the touch-screen almost in real-time. Based on this information it is possible to draw conclusions as to the temperature and the distribution of the heat on the substrate material – and to set or re-adjust precisely the temperatures of each individual heating elements.

Infrared camera image

UV tunnel

UV-reactive film substrates or paints can be quickly and homogeneously cured with the aid of the UV tunnel. The tunnel is connected to an EEM module or integrated into an automatic PAMK system as a supplementary module.

Einleger Hochdruck Thermoverformungsanlage

UV tunnel module

NET service adapter

We offer you a solution for remote maintenance using a secure Internet connection (1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding).
With this solution we can access your system via a LAN connection in case of need of service, provide rapid assistance in case of problems, install software updates, or support you directly with the determination of optimal production parameters. The system also makes it possible to connect a web camera via a USB port, for example for the direct identification of spare parts. In addition this module allows to monitor your running production process.

Einleger Hochdruck Thermoverformungsanlage

NET production monitoring