Forming technology in all its diversity.

High pressure forming always opens up fascinating new opportunities for users if cost-effectiveness and productivity must accompany special requirements on the quality, materiality, functionality and aesthetics of three-dimensional plastic surfaces.

In these cases, Niebling Formtechnologie supports users worldwide from a very wide range of industries with trend-setting solutions. Not least the automotive industry, with its leading role in production efficiency, innovation and quality management, profits from numerous applications that would not be possible without isostatic high pressure forming.

Kunststoffoberfläche mit Touch Funktion, kapazitiver sensor

Here you will find only a few examples from the almost unlimited possible applications:

Radio-CD panel with high gloss effect

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers place great value on high quality surfaces. This radio-CD panel impresses due to its flawless appearance with high gloss effect. High pressure forming has made it possible to use here a coated film material that has excellent resistance to scratches and chemicals.

Complex shape, luminous colours, precise and undistorted graphics: without the non-contact “Niebling” forming process it would hardly be possible to manufacture the controller skins in this Quality.

3-D dials with through-illumination effect

he manufacture of three-dimensional dials, e.g. for the instrument cluster in a vehicle cockpit, places very high requirements on forming technology. One of the challenges here is the extremely exact positioning of the printing.
Niebling is a technology supplier (systems and tools) for the production of 3D dials, among others for many vehicles in the model ranges from BMW, the Volkswagen concern (Golf, Passat, Audi, Seat, …) and the Fiat group. Customers include many renowned tier 1 suppliers such as Continental (D), Magneti Marelli (I) and Denso (JP/USA).

Zifferblatt KFZ - 3D
Ziffernblatt Interior Automotive

Hub caps in chromium finish

Galvanising plastic components is complex and places a burden on the environment. By using decor films with a chromium appearance, this process can be replaced cost-effectively without loss of quality. The “Niebling process” offers the best prerequisites for the careful forming of metallised films, also for the production of electrically conductive structures.

Telecommunications and Computers

In the area of consumer electronics, forming technology must combine product attractiveness, as required by the market, and maximum efficiency. The manufacture of complex 3-D geometries with an attractive appearance is therefore coupled to high levels of automation, short cycle times and very good ease of integration in existing processes.

The forms of the future

Time and again high pressure forming opens up new perspectives for users. Find out here about particularly innovative possible applications, e.g. on forming areas of very large dimensions up to 1,000 x 500 mm or in the area of touch-sensitive surfaces. More …