Together we will form the future.

Innovation means keeping moving: since its invention in 1989 we have continuously further developed high pressure forming (HPF). In close collaboration with our customers and partners from the printing, material and colour technology sectors, time and again we have been able to open up new perspectives for the profitable usage of our system and process technology.

New dimensions:
forming areas up to 1,000 x 500 mm

Thanks to HPF, today film components up to a size of 1,000 x 500 mm and a height of up to 300 mm can be precisely formed and manufactured. Components of this size, precisely formed and printed, will be used in future above all in the automotive industry. With the aid of the Niebling process they meet the very high quality standards of the premium manufacturers – among other aspects also in relation to their resistance to chemicals (“sun cream test”) and scratches.

New possibilities:
e.g. touch-sensitive surfaces

Modern functional design impresses with clarity, reduction and intuitive operation. With the aid of touch-sensitive surfaces, designers can even remove fixed controls altogether. This feature is made possible by resistive, capacitive and inductive touch surfaces, e.g. as are used in many modern smartphones or PDAs.

In a corporate group comprising a total of ten companies, Niebling Formtechnologie is developing, to the prototype stage, a new 3D touch-sensitive surface for cars (“Sensitive Surface” project under the leadership of Magna). With the aid of a high pressure formed, conductive film, a capacitive sensor element is produced that permits the operation of vehicle functions without any mechanical elements whatsoever.

You will find the entire spectrum of innovative applications of high pressure forming here.

The forming process in detail

Control element with capacitive sensor

resistive, capacitive and inductive touch surfaces