Forming without distortion.

Along with classic options of painting or printing, the decoration of plastic parts using in-mould processes has established itself in a very wide range of industrial sectors as a very cost-effective process in recent years. It is now indispensable for many products, above all in the consumer and automotive sector.

Folienverformung mit maximaler Positionsgenauigkeit

Film forming with maximum position accuracy

Above all FIM or IML technologies (Foil Insert Moulding or In-Mould Labelling) offer particular advantages here, especially in case of surfaces with high quality and heavy use.

In these processes plastic films are printed, formed, punched – and then “back-moulded” using injection moulding technology. The result is very sophisticated workpieces with surfaces that are both attractive and resilient, and that can also provide functional characteristics depending on the design.

Hochdruckverformte Folie

High pressure formed film

The prerequisite for these features is processes that ensure the material does not stretch excessively during forming – so that surface structures and the precise positioning of printed motifs are retained.

By inventing the process of high pressure forming (also called the “Niebling process”), Niebling Formtechnologie paved the way for numerous new possibilities for the design and decoration of plastic components.

Folienverformung mit maximaler Positionsgenauigkeit

The “Niebling process” forming plastic films precise