High pressure forming worldwide

As early as 1984 Curt Niebling founded the tool making business Niebling-Junior, specialising in the processing of plastics.

The crucial breakthrough came five years later with the patented invention of isostatic high pressure forming, the “Niebling process”. With this process it was possible for the first time anywhere in the world to form plastic films made from a very wide range of materials, to manufacture decor with very fine position tolerances and to obtain very high repeatability in series production.

Today Niebling is a international leading provider of systems, tools and system solutions in the area of high pressure forming. Worldwide more than 150 million products a year are manufactured with systems and tools from Niebling.

The company is based in Penzberg (“Oberbayern”), approx. 50 km south of Munich, Germany.

Inventor of the isostatic high-pressure deformation